December 2014




Description: Macintosh HD:Users:michaelspeight:Desktop:MomEle.JPGMy heart is breaking—this is one of the most difficult decisions I have ever had to make. I will try to explain to all of you, friends and donors, why EUF, as of January 1st is closing down. I have three solid reasons for making this decision and I hope you will understand the merit of each.


1. MONEY AND STRESS:  The cost of rescuing an elephant has escalated from the first rescue in January, 2004, for only $6,400 to our last rescue of Mae Khoon for $30,000.  Our donations dropped heavily after the last economic crash and have not recovered. I have been so stressed—when a very seriously needy elephant could not be rescued because we didn’t have enough funds in our bank account. I would lie awake at night crying, as several I learned died because we couldn’t help. You donors and friends have given and given so we were able to rescue EIGHTEEN elephants, which is fantastic. However, each year it gets harder and harder to raise sufficient funds to meet the exorbitant rising cost.


2. NO PLACED TO GO:  Another gigantic problem, even with money to rescue an elephant there is no sanctuary I could put an animal in. For many years now all our rescues have gone to the Elephant Conservation Center in Laos. This is a perfect new sanctuary, on a lake, with forest and grassland. The owner has done everything right but he has hit capacity. I would not put another animal at the Thai Elephant Conservation Center. If the animal is fit it does carry tourists on rides. We have two females there and little Singa our only birth to a rescue was born there. The other two sanctuaries we have elephants in have new issues. There are many “camps” that would love to be given an elephant but they are total tourist traps and do circus shows and rides.


3. AGE:  I will be 90 in 2015---age is something I tend to ignore but as you get older stress really can gnaw at you. I constantly worry about finances and when one dies it takes a tremendous toll on me. I work at EUF every day in the week, unless you have run a charity you would not understand the amount of time it requires. Also the trips, to Asia twice a year, are getting tiring and expensive


ACCOMPLISHMENTS EUF is forced to close because of the lack of funds and the lack of places to put rescues and I have no way of combatting these problems. However EUF has accomplished a lot. We have rescued EIGHTEEN elephants from great cruelty, given them a good life, we have bought two high-end microscopes for vets to enhance their diagnostic abilities, paid thousands for medicine to aid ailing animals, bought radio collars for the elephants and bought hundreds of acres to increase a sanctuaries size.  All this has been only possible because you---the caring donors and friends have given and given.


Any money left in the bank account at closing will be sent to the ECC sanctuary in Laos to help with their increasing of hospital facilities, which is a excellent cause.  If you wish to continue supporting elephants I strongly recommend you send your donations to the ECC sanctuary in Laos (we have seven rescues there) send to Sebastian the founder at




EUF has been my life and I will continue to keep track of “our” rescues. Again, my most sincere thanks to you all who have made EUF’s work possible. Do be joyous that you have made EIGHTEEN elephants peaceful and content and two calves secure in their future.




Connie Speight


Your Rescued Elephants

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EUF’s e-mail, PO Box, and website will shutdown on January 3rd 2015


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